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Thousands of sausages are made through out the world, each with its own uniqueness of character, flavour and texture. Some are fat. Some are thin. Some sausages are coarsely ground, while others finely chopped. Depending on the origin of the sausage , flavours vary from mild to spicy. Some sausages are smoked, and others blanched and pale in colour. At the end of the day, they are all…………….just…………..Sausages.
There’s a lot of tradition when it comes to preparing the’ humble’ sausages for its destiny, and we respect those traditions. Sausages can be cooked on the BBQ, heated in water, fried in a pan, chopped, rolled, flipped, tossed through pasta, served with sauce, or mustard, or nothing at all. The options are endless. It’s all a matter of taste.


The perfect ingredients, sourced to be as fresh as they possibly can

Gotzinger Smallgoods prides itself on its heritage, and therefore we source our fresh produce and ingredients from many parts of the globe, to give our customers a true continental experience. Each of our products tells a story with their unique flavour and texture.
We only use the best woodchips from the silver birch tree, which gives our smoked sausage range that full-bodied intense flavour and colour, not to mention the aroma.
Our spices are sourced from various European regions in their purest form. Each recipe has its own special combination of herbs and spices. Some recipes include marjoram which is known for its sweet pine and citrus flavours. We also use spicy fresh green peppercorns and deep bright red paprika.
You know you’re doing something right when a European customer says, "that’s the taste I grew up with”.


Generations of sausage royalty.

There are no excuses for making a poor quality sausage. If you use quality ingredients, making a good sausage is a lot easier than you think. Like my Dad said, “The best Beef, the best Pork, the best Spices, Quality you can Taste”.
We pride ourselves on producing quality smallgoods and time and time again we are overwhelmingly rewarded by our customer feed back.

Take the humble
sausage and make
it king

We strive to create the perfect sausage. Suited for breakfast, lunch or dinner, add any Gotzinger product to your plate and make it king.

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From the whimsical to industry cutting edge (pardon the pun), if it's got something to do with smallgoods we'll aim to cover it


We love to get out and about, come and say hi.

What is service, and how is it defined. For Gotzinger Smallgoods, service is measured by customer satisfaction. We go the extra mile to try and please our customers.
We instil in our staff that the customer is the whole reason we are here, and because of this, service and satisfaction goes hand in hand.


We know the stores in Australia don't look like this one, yet our produce comes from the same place of love and family heritage. We invite you to taste the difference.

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