Mini Cheese Kransky Sausage Rolls

Mini Cheese Kransky Sausage Rolls

There’s no better aroma than Cheese Kransky sausage rolls baking in the oven! These golden sausage rolls are easy to prepare for any occasion – we can guarantee your family and friends will love them!

Timing 1 hour

Serves 4



  1. Set the oven to 180°c.
  2. Cut the first sheet of puff pastry down the center to make two rectangles.
  3. Brush the first half sheet with egg wash and place three Cheese Kransky Chipolatas lengthways, about one centimeter in from the long edge of the pastry.
  4. Fold the pastry lengthways in half over the sausages so the pastry edges meet then press down to form a tight seal. Using a knife, neatly divide into 3 portions. Gently press a fork onto the sealed edges of the pastry and trim any excess pastry with a knife. (leave about a 1cm edge).
  5. Place on a lined baking tray. Repeat this process until all sausages are wrapped in pastry.
  6. Brush each sausage roll with egg wash, then sprinkle with the sesame seeds.
  7. Bake in the oven for 30 – 40 minutes until golden.
  8. Serve with a generous dipping of tomato sauce.
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