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Frequently asked questions

How do I cook Smallgoods?

Many Gotzinger Smallgoods come ready to eat as they have already been cooked as part of their production process. You can also Pan Fry, Air Fry, BBQ, Simmer and Bake – look out for these symbols on the back of each sleeve. Visit our How to Cook page for short videos.

How long can I keep the product in the fridge?

Once opened it is best to be consumed within 5 days of opening.

How do I store Gotzinger Smallgoods?

Keep refrigerated between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius.

Can the product be frozen?


Is your whole range Gluten Free, MSG Free and contains No Artificial Colours or Flavours?

Our retail-ready range is both Gluten Free, MSG Free and contains no Artificial Colours or Flavours.

Are Gotzinger products Halal or Kosher?

The majority of our products contain pork. We do however produce a range of chicken and beef products however these are not certified Halal or Kosher.

Do you have any chicken only smallgoods?

For our foodservice customers, we have a range of Chicken Chipolatas. We are always exploring exciting new product ideas – why don't you drop us a line with your suggestion.

What do your symbols mean?

To learn what the symbols on our packaging mean, refer to our guide here.

What smallgoods can I eat straight away?

Pepperoni Kabana, Cheese Kabana, Woodsmoked Kabana, Fine Liverwurst, Old Farmhouse Liverwurst, Berliner Fleischwurst.

What does the Country of Origin food labels mean?

The purpose of the Country of Origin food label legislation is to clearly inform consumers about the food they purchase; whether the product is made in Australia and to what extent the food is made from Australian ingredients. The phrase ‘Made in Australia from Imported and Local ingredients’ means the product is manufactured or processed in Australia but may use imported and local ingredients in the finished product.

Where does Gotzinger source their pork?

We source our pork locally and abroad. Overseas countries where we source our pork are: Denmark, Ireland, Holland, US.

Does Gotzinger use Australian beef?

We use local beef suppliers.

What preservatives do you add to your meat products?

We use sodium nitrite to help preserve the meat, flavour and colour as per Australian food laws.

Where can I buy Gotzinger Smallgoods?

Both Woolworths and Coles have selected Gotzinger Smallgoods on range in their supermarkets. Costco, selected IGAs, Harris Farm Markets and Super Butcher stores, quality butchers, delis and fruit and veg stores around Australia carry some of our popular products. Find out where you can by Gotzinger here.

Where can I find detailed product nutritional information?

The product section of our website contains detailed nutritional information for every product available at retail.

Where can I find product allergen information?

The product section of our website contains detailed nutritional information for every product available at retail. The allergen statement can be found below the ingredient list.

Why are there different percentages of meat in some of your ingredient listings?

We follow Australian labelling laws in explaining to the consumer exactly what is included in their smallgoods.

What accreditations does Gotzinger Smallgoods hold?

Gotzinger holds the following accreditations: Safe Food; HACCP; Export and SQF.