We only use the best ingredients and the finest cuts of pork, beef and veal. You can taste the care we take from the meat we choose to the woodchips we use in our smokehouses. We are proud of the premium quality and delicious taste of every single Gotzinger product.

We source inspiration from many countries and cultures from around the world. We take your tastebuds on a journey from Austria, Munich, New York, Chicago, Spain, Great Britain, Hungary and India. 

Wherever possible we use Australian pork in our production of smallgoods and supplement this source with pork from Denmark – which has one of the world’s highest quality standards for pork production. Our beef is 100% Australian as is all our chicken.

To get the best spices we have ventured far and wide which means some come from every corner of the planet.

Our legendary smallgoods can be used in a wide range of dishes where bold flavour and high quality count. Click here for recipes.