Jalapeno and Cheese Kransky Poppers Wrapped in Bacon

Jalapeño and Cheese Chipolata Poppers Wrapped in Bacon

Jalapeño and Cheese Chipolata Poppers Wrapped in Bacon are the ultimate party food. These small but delicious parcels of Götzinger goodness will leave you wanting more!

Serves: 10 pieces 


  • Cream cheese – 90g
  • Cheddar cheese – 20g
  • Jalapeño chilis (halved and seeds and membrane removed) – 5
  • Götzinger Cheese Kransky or Jalapeño & Cheese  Chipolatas – 10 sausages
  • Götzinger American Rindless Bacon – 10 pieces


  1. ­­In a bowl, combine the cream cheese and the cheddar cheese.
  2. Take a half of a jalapeño and scoop a heaped teaspoon of the cheese mixture into it and smooth it out with the back of the spoon.
  3. Press a cheese Kransky into the cheese and wrap one piece of bacon around to hold the sausage in place. Repeat this step until all the jalapeño halves are filled and wrapped.
  4. Place carefully into the air fryer tray and cook at 180°c for roughly 15 minutes or until the bacon is coloured and crispy (this might take slightly less or more time depending on your air fryer)
  5. Remove from the air fryer once ready and serve. 
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