Serves 3-4

It’s not the smoky bacon-y aroma filling your house while cooking these meatballs that will draw your kids to the table, it will have to be the oozy cheesy centres! This is a fun (and delicious) take on the good old dinner time staple – the meatball. Easy to make, these meatballs are bursting with flavour! We pared ours with pasta but for a healthier touch add your choice of vegetables.

  • Ingredients

    • Garlic cloves (minced) – 2
    • Red onion (grated) – ½
    • Continental parsley (finely chopped) – 30g
    • Pork mince – 500g
    • Gotzinger’s American Rindless Bacon (diced) – 200g
    • Salt – to season
    • Pepper – to season
    • Mozzarella (shredded) – 50g
    • Olive oil – 1tb sp.
    • Tomato sugo (your choice of brand) – 800g
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  • Instructions

    • In a large mixing bowl combine garlic, onion, parsley, pork mince, diced bacon and season with salt and pepper. Ensure you really mix well for five minutes until the pork has emulsified and holds its shape when molded apposed to crumbling.
    • Take a handful of the mixture (about the size of a regular tomato) roll it in your hands until it is all binding together. Squish into a circular shape, then take a pinch of cheese, place in the middle of the circle then fold the edges of the mixture around the cheese creating a ball like shape. Roll in your hands until you have sealed the ball and have your first meatball. Repeat this step until you have 6-8 meatballs.
    • Add the olive oil to a large and deep pan, set to a medium heat.
    • Place the meatballs in the pan, turn occasionally to colour the edges.
    • Pour the tomato sugo into the pan followed by 1 cup of water.
    • Allow for the sauce to reduce for about 20 – 30 minutes.
    • Once the sauce is hot and has reduced down to a relatively thick consistency, serve on a bed of pasta or vegetables of your choice.

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