Serves 4

Try this recipe for Spanish Chorizo Sausage Rolls for a flavoursome dinner! Very easy to assemble, and even faster to cook if you use an air fryer! We have paired ours with a simple home-made smoky capsicum sauce, and just loved every bite of it!

  • Ingredients

    • Puff pastry – 2 sheets
    • Egg (whisked) – 1
    • Götzinger Smallgoods Spanish Chorizo – 4 sausages (1 pack)
    • Tomato paste – 1tb sp.
    • Can of crushed tomatoes – 200g
    • Garlic clove – 1
    • Parsley – 15g
    • Olive oil – ¼ cup
    • Roasted and marinated peppers – 200g (no liquid)
    • Roasted almonds – 75g
    • Smoky paprika – 1tsp.
    • Salt – to season
    • Cracked black pepper – to season
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  • Instructions

    • Set the oven or air fryer to 180°
    • Prepare the sausage rolls by taking the puff pastry sheets and them in half.
    • Separate the halves then brush each one with the whisked egg.
    • Place a sausage into the middle of each rectangle and roll the pastry over joining the edges of the pastry together at one side.
    • Press the edges together, then follow by trimming excessive amounts of pastry leaving about a 1inch seem.
    • Press a fork into the seam to create a seal, then trim any untidy edges.
    • Brush the tops of the sausage rolls with the whisked egg and place on either a lined tray for the oven or into the air frying tray.
    • If you are using an oven, bake for 30 minutes. If you are using an air fryer, use the air fryer setting and bake for roughly 20 minutes depending on your machine.
    • To prepare the sauce, add the tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, garlic, parsley, olive oil, roasted and marinated peppers, roasted almonds and smoked paprika to a food processor and season with salt and cracked black pepper.
    • Blend in the food processor until the sauce is blended but still has a bit of texture to it.
    • Pour the sauce into a medium size pot and heat for 10 minutes – stir regularly.
    • Remove the sausage rolls once the cooking process is complete and serve with a dollop of sauce on the side.

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